Automatic korsakovian potentizer K1100

Korsakovian potensizer Semion korsakov dilutions
Automatic unit designed to be linked with a water purifier


Automatic unit K1100 with station, provided with a pump for pressurizing the hydraulic circuit.


Compact and of robust stainless steel, our automatic units are used by the largest laboratories. This variant is designed to be linked to a purified water tank.


  • Rapid execution of dilution cycles.
  • 100 dynamisations/succussions in 3 seconds.
  • Easy operation with a digital control module.
  • Dilutions in sterile equipments.
  • Absolute safety of use.
  • Sterilization autoclave in removable parts.
  • Disinfection alcohol flow items not removable.
  • Circulation stainless steel pipes plastics according to regulations FDA 21 CFR § 177.550.
  • USB PC connection for backup and data download.


DIMENSIONS: 450 mm x 300 mm x 460 mm

WEIGHT: 32 kg


This automatic unit was conceived according to GMP requirements and ready for IQ OQ PQ qualification.