Granules dispenser

Distributors of granules with a capacity of 4 gr, or approximately 83 granules.

Distributors are made of materials produced according to the European pharmacopoeia, Swissmedic and ISO 9001:2008.


They are available in numerous colors, opaque as well as transparent. On request, it is possible to choose colors typical of your homeopathic preparations.

Colors available

D287C ps Bleu foncé
D2192C ps Bleu clair
D2147C pp Bleu foncé translucide
D307C pp Bleu clair translucide
D271U ps Mauve
D271C pp Mauve translucide
D7405C ps Jaune
D604C pp Jaune translucide
D246C ps Rose
D234C pp Rose translucide
D315C ps Vert foncé
D360C ps Vert clair
D2412C pp Vert Clair translucide
D1575C ps Orange
D1585C pp Orange translucide
D9003 ps Blanc

One hand use, high precision distribution button.