CH Dynamizer / Adjustable 10-150ml

Closed dynamization system ensuring maximum safety for the user.
  • Fully secure.
  • Automatic counting of 100 dynamizations.
  • Power of energization
  • Adjustable bottle size (10ml to 150ml).
  • The only one in its category meeting ISO 14119-2013 standards

The DYN-10-150 model which allows impregnating solution volumes from 7 ml to 105 ml to be dynamized according to the principle of Hahnemannian succussion. The device is covered with a polished stainless steel casing protecting the sensitive parts of the technique and a transparent acrylic glass (PMMA) door allowing easy and quick cleaning in a pharmaceutical environment. The motor allows a rotation of 30 rpm/sec. and generates a vertical movement of the carriage on which the bottle containing the solution to be dynamized is fixed. A complete rotation of the motor induces a vertical forward movement of 20 mm and return of 20 mm.


  • Dimensions and weight: 310 mm x 260 mm x 330 mm, weight: 20 kg
  • Meets GMP and IQ OQ PQ standards