Korsakov K2050 dilution automaton

K2050, PLC with two identical stations operating separately from each other. The device is equipped with a 5 µm pre-filter and a 0.2 µm filter.

Automate, compact and robust in stainless steel construction, offers you the best of cutting-edge technology:


  • Compact and robust in stainless steel construction, our robots are used by the largest laboratories. This variant is designed for connection to a purified water tank.
  • Fast execution of dilution cycles.
  • 100 dynamizations/succussions in 3 seconds.
  • Ease of use thanks to its digital control module.
  • Carrying out dilutions in sterile equipment.
  • Absolute safety of use.
  • Autoclave sterilization of removable parts.
  • Alcohol disinfection of non-removable circulation elements
  • Stainless steel circulation and pharmaceutical tubing according to FDA regulations 21 CFR § 177.550
  • Traceability via USB and remote maintenance

Meets GMP and IQ OQ PQ standards

Automated preparation for high dilutions respecting pharmaceutical standards. The K2050 precisely takes 1% from the bottle and returns it at the next dilution. The device is covered with a polished stainless steel casing protecting sensitive parts Polished stainless steel device. Transparent Makrolon door allowing access to the filling/draining and dynamization system. The motor generates a vertical movement of the carriage on which the bottle (25 ml) containing the solution to be dynamized is fixed. A complete rotation of the motor induces a vertical back and forth movement of 30 mm and an acceleration of around 60 g.

Dimensions and weight

  • K2050 450 mm x 520 mm x 460 mm, weight 66 kg

Great ease of use thanks to the digital screen which shows you the operations to be carried out as you go.



1) Bottle
2) Bottle holder (can be sterilized)
3) Filling nozzle
4) Dump nozzle
5) Security detector (door)
6) Bottle detector

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