Impregnator for homeopathy

IMPG-4 / IMPG-10 / IMPG-15

Impregnator for IMPG homeopathy.


Impregnant for laboratories and pharmacies for the impregnation of homeopathic granules and globules for impregnation volumes of up to 7 kg.


  • IMPG 4 – Volume from 30 g to 1.4kg
  • IMPG 10 – Volume from 1 kg to 4 kg
  • IMPG 15 – Volume from 4 kg to 7 kg


  • Pharma quality borosilicate vial
  • Cycle speed.
  • Sterilization possible of all removable parts.
  • Complete traceability.
  • Remote maintenance.


Dimensions and weight:

  • IMPG 4: 500 mm x 255 mm x 330 mm, weight 13 kg
  • IMPG 10: 575 mm x 325 mm x 420 mm, weight 19 kg
  • IMPG 15: 615 mm x 375 mm x 455 mm, weight 21 kg


The controller has been designed to meet GMP requirements,IQ OQ PQ qualification available.
Find out more about the qualification protocol in the videos below.

Pharma-grade brushed stainless steel impregnator with touchscreen display. A stepper motor rotates the vial and a peristaltic pump delivers the appropriate dose of the impregnation solution through a pharmaceutical tube. A heated, filtered and pulsed air system dries the granule load. Homogeneity of impregnation and uniformity of mass according to the European Pharmacopoeia.


Demonstration of use


Testimony of Mr. Mingard, Biologist

Mass uniformity and impregnation uniformity:

Testimony from Mr. Morandi, CEO of Natura Chimica

Air bacteriology:

Testimony from Mr. Sturny, CEO of ac2 Qualifications

Between Art and High Technology, discover the manufacturing of the vials of our IMPG impregnators.

Testimony from Mr. Bauçais, CEO of VQT SA